Thursday roundup of news related to the corruption trial of City Councilman Larry Seabrook. On Wednesday, prosecutors challenged the testimony of their key witness, Gloria Jones-Grant, who was given a grant of immunity.
On Wednesday, Prosecutors laid out the alleged kickback scheme and Seabrook’s alleged role in orchestrating it. Seabrook’s defense team are expected to deliver their closing arguments on Thursday morning, followed by prosecution’s rebuttal, and jury deliberations will begin.
Prosecutors say girlfriend of accused City Councilman Larry Seabrook gave dubious testimony   – NY Daily News.

Prosecutors in the Larry Seabrook political corruption case shot holes in his girlfriend’s testimony Wednesday during closing arguments.

Gloria Jones-Grant, who says she was recently diagnosed with dementia, provided inconsistent testimony during two days on the witness stand, despite testifying with a grant of immunity from the government.

“Isn’t it interesting that the only facts she could not recall were the ones that hurt Larry Seabrook?” said prosecutor Brent Wible in closing arguments.

He called Jones-Grant Seabrook’s “partner in crime.”

“She was basically getting money for free,” he told jurors.

Seabrook is on trial in Manhattan Federal Court for allegedly steering City Council slush funds to nonprofits under his control to benefit himself, Jones-Grant and family members, including a teenage granddaughter.

The councilman is also charged with shaking down a Bronx business that he helped win a contract on the new Yankee Stadium.

In his summation, Wible said Seabrook’s family and friends got more than $600,000 in city funds from the nonprofits in a six-year period.

He said the primary goal of one of the nonprofits — the North East Bronx Redevelopment Corp. — wasn’t to help the people of the northeast Bronx.

“NEBRC’s primary goal was to help Larry Seabrook,” the prosecutor said.

Seabrook’s attorney will deliver closing arguments Thursday, and jury deliberation will follow.


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